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What Can Companies Submit

The following information are required to be submitted. The OMB control number for this form is #1505-0220.

    Company Information

  1. Company Name
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Point of Contact
  4. E-mail Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Business Size: (Small or Big)
  7. Socio-Economic Category: (Can be more than one of the folllowing) 8(a) HUBZone SDB SDVOSB VOSB WOSB Ability One
  8. Primary NAICS: (Select from a list) or a DUNS number
  9. Capabilities Narrative: (Please limit response to not more than one page or 2000 characters)
    Supporting Document: (Any marketing materials relevant to capability, in Adobe .PDF)
  10. Contract

  11. Has your company been awarded any Federal contracts or subcontracts over the last 12 months? Yes/No
    If yes, please provide the contract number(s). (May be more than one)
    If no, skip to question #15, Solicitations.
  12. For each Federal contract or subcontract awarded, please provide contact information, Treasury bureau, awarded and completion dates:

Please note: As of FY 2015, these questions will be replaced. Responses to current questions will still be available for update.
Current Questions New Questions
12. Was the customer satisfied with the service(s) or product(s) provided? Yes/No
13. Was an evaluation completed in the NIH Contractor Performance System? Yes/No or the Past Performance Information Retrieval System? Yes/No
12. What was the description of your service?
(Please limit response to not more than one page or 2000 characters)
13. What was the cost of your service?
(Round off to nearest dollar)

14.   Did you make any value engineering recommendations? Yes/No

15.   Have you received Treasury solicitations and elected to not respond? Yes/No