Vendor Outreach Sessions


Vendor outreach sessions (VOS) are pre-arranged 15-minute appointments with Small business specialists. These sessions provide the small business community an opportunity to discuss their capabilities and learn of potential procurement opportunities. Appointments are limited to 15 minutes to allow all vendors an equal opportunity to introduce their company. Unless noted otherwise, registration is required to attend most events. Some events counselors do not require appointments, please check on counselor's note.

To make an appointment, please log in or sign up, if you do not have an account. Optionally, you can put yourself on a Wait List, in case you do not want to create an account or the event is full, simply click on "Waiting List" and provide some information so you can be put on the list. Once in the building, report to the Security Station and provide a picture ID. A Treasury employee will be available to escort you to the event location.

 Event NameDateLocation SocioEconomic Category Open for Registration Notes
ViewIRS Program Manager/Contracting Officer SB VOS4/19/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB3/17/2022

The event is open to SMALL DISADVANTAGED BUSINESSES (SDB's) offering Non-Information Technology (Non-IT) services and supplies and are also prime contract holders of a Government-Wide Contract Vehicle (GWAC). The firm can also have industry partners that hold a Non-IT GWAC. The firms will have an opportunity to present their capabilities to various IRS Program Managers within the IRS Non-IT Business Units, as well as Contracting Officers within the IRS Office of Procurement.

To Register: send an email, along with a 1-2 page capability statement to: Insert IRS SMALL BUSINESS EVENT-APRIL 19, 2022 in the subject line. Once registration is accepted/confirmed, each participant will receive an email with a Zoom Government Meeting link, and instructions for participating.

ViewIRS Contracting Officer Non-IT VOS6/28/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB6/8/2022The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Small Business Program Office is hosting a VIRTUAL, Non-Information Technology Vendor Outreach Session (Non-IT VOS) for Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) firms on June 28, 2022.

This event is only open to SDB firms providing non-IT products/services that HAVE NOT had a prime contract with the IRS within the last 5 years.

The purpose of the event is it to bring awareness to SDBs offering Non-IT products and services. We'd like to allow IRS Contracting Officers and invited Program Office representatives the opportunity to meet SDB's directly, conduct market research and maximize the opportunity for awards to SDB concerns.

The VOS would be conducted via the Zoom Government meeting application where vendors would conduct 15-minute presentations with Contracting Officers.

Below are the top Non-IT NAICS codes utilized by the IRS and are preferred for this event:

561110 - Office Administrative Services
541990 - All Other Professional, Scientifics, and Technical Services
561499 - All Other business support Services
492110 - Couriers and Express Delivery Services
541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
561612 - Security Guards and Patrol Services
561210 - Facilities Support Services
541330 - Engineering Services
541211 - Offices of certified public accountants

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: Once an appointment time is chosen, email a 1-2 page Capability statement to to allow for confirming your non-IT capabilities. Once the capability statement is reviewed, you will be contacting by a member of the Small Business Program Office.
ViewGSA/Treasury Industry Event: The Advancing Small Businesses Series - 7/28/227/28/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB7/6/2022

The Advancing Small Businesses Series is brought to you by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The President’s Executive Order 13985 - Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government is aimed at reducing barriers for small business concerns to include WOSB/ EDWOSB, SDVOSB, HUBZone, and small disadvantaged small businesses and increase procurement opportunities with the underserved and under-resourced communities.

As the Administration continues its efforts to steer $100 billion dollars in contracting opportunities to historically marginalized firms by 2025, Treasury and GSA is unveiling how we plan to continue making that objective a reality. Small businesses are a key driver of innovation, productivity and economic growth. Come learn about how to get on GSA Schedule, MOBIS, Acquisition Forecasting, and so much more.


ViewSBA Conozca los Programas de Contratacion del Gobierno Federal9/28/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB9/25/2022Conozca los recursos federales para su pequeña empresa, incluida la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas y el Departamento del Tesoro. Los asistentes también escucharán a empresarios que han utilizado recursos federales para iniciar o hacer crecer sus negocios. Este evento es una colaboración entre las oficinas de la SBA en Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Nuevo México, Dallas, y Massachusetts durante el Mes de la Herencia Hispana.


ViewPurpose Driven Business - Officers Eat Last Virtual Workshop10/4/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB9/30/2022Officers Eat Last’s Purpose Driven Business Framework provides tools and guidance to help business owners align their Vision, Strategy, Goals, and Assessment to deliver their desired business results.


ViewWho’s Your Tribe....Building Good Teams – Internally and Externally 10/6/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB9/30/2022This workshop is for organizations that require intention, planning, and collaboration to build and sustain internal and external teams. It is important to convert a group of people into a high-performing team inside and outside of your organization. You will develop skills to build high-performing teams by discussing your previous experiences, engaging in self-reflection around your own preferences, and evaluating your current strategies. You will learn how to strategically focus, think, problem-solve, network, and innovate—all without falling into routine unprofitable “Hamster Wheels”.


ViewGovernment Contracting 101 Virtual Workshop10/11/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB9/30/2022Government Contracting 101 is a workshop for those individuals that are thinking about going into government contracting, or small businesses that are just starting out in Government Contracting and is required to obtain the GCC Level 1 Badge. We will discuss how to get started and how to start growing. This will be a Beginner course and a Foundational Course for other Government Contracting Training and Coaching.


ViewContract Management Virtual Workshop10/13/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB9/30/2022The Catalyst has obtained Subject Matter Experts (SME) to share their knowledge during two-hour classes as part of our Government Contracting Credentials (GCC) series which is a series of classes for Government Contractors and their employees. For more information on the GCC Series visit:


ViewCapabilities Statement Bootcamp Virtual Workshop10/18/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB9/30/2022This Bootcamp is a working session focused on your company! Participants will need to have their Company's Capabilities Statement in-hand to review and get pointers from our Subject Matter Expert Leigh Christian, TechRich/7j Project Manager at The Catalyst. Kevin will discuss the importance of a Capabilities Statement and the key aspects of what should be in it. Leigh will walk you through each step of information that should be included and our team will review your Capabilities Statement and help you improve it once you have completed. Your Capabilities Statement is your business resume - would you apply for a job without a resume? The same concept applies to a Capabilities Statement - this is your key to getting noticed by Primes and Government Agencies! Let us help you through the process!


ViewHow to Build Your Brand Virtual Workshop10/20/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB9/30/2022A strong and impactful brand can be what sets you apart from your competitors – whether you’re vying for contracts, attempting to recruit tap talent or positioning yourself for a strategic partnership that will yield new business opportunities. This workshop will guide you through a variety of tactics aimed at strengthening your personal and corporate persona while creating a foundation for long-term growth and an influential, positive, public perception.


ViewBuilding A Budget for Planning and Strategy Virtual Workshop10/27/2022Virtual8A, SB, VOSB, HUBZONE, SDB, WOSB, LB, SDVOSB9/30/2022As we approach the end of the year, are you looking ahead to 2023 and beyond? A well-designed budget can be a very impactful tool for managing your government contracting business as it can not only provide insight into your management of current contracts but also pricing of future contracts.